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Orland Grasslands Bike Trail
As of November 2008, there are plans for the construction of a Class I bikeway (bike trail) that will traverse the outer portion of the Orland Grassland (located at 167th and Rt 45 in Orland Park, IL), and connect communities in the area.

Though many have spent countless hours working to restore the Grasslands, many others await access to enjoy the area.

Tentative plans await the complete restoration of the Grasslands prior to construction of a bike trail. At this time, there is no date for completing the restoration, thus no date for bike trail construction. We believe waiting for complete restoration will limit accessibility. Currently, families do enjoy hiking in the area, but many more could if it was more accessible by constructed trails.

Also, a number of subdivisions surrounding the area have seniors that prefer hardtop/crushed gravel for daily walks. Uneven grass and dirt trails do not afford them their stability for exercise.

A number of grants have been utilized for the grasslands, and they all help the project. Areas surrounding the Grasslands include Orland Park, Orland Hills, Tinley Park and Mokena have countless residents that are within walking distance. By completing the bike trails, the circumference of potential residents visiting will increase dramatically.

For 2009, there are plans to create extended bike trails from Centennial Park to the Orland Grasslands. As these plans are started by Cook County Forest Preserve and Orland Park, information will be posted here. It may take several phases, but the construction of a biketrail connecting the Orlandgrassland to other parks in the area will be an asset to all residents.

Hopefully we can direct the folks involved to fund the trails concurrently with the restoration of the Grasslands. We look forward to when the Orland Grassland can be linked North to Centennial Park, and Tinley to the west.
Orland Grasslands, 950 acres, bordered on the North by 167th, South by 179th, East by Rt 45, and on the West by 104th Avenue.
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